What Do the Courts Look At?

Find out what factors the courts look at to determine child custody in Illinois.  Ask an attorney about the 2016 laws.

Frequently Asked:

What factors does the Court consider in awarding visitation?

When a Court makes a custodial or visitation determination, it looks to the best interests of the child in establishing who should have visitation rights, and what rights that person should have.  An experienced attorney can assist you in establishing the factors you will need to show in order to get the visitation arrangements that you want. 


The Court shall consider all relevant factors, including the following:

  • The Parents' wishes 
  • The Child's wishes 
  • The Child's current relationship with each parent
  • The Child's home, school, and community
  • The Child's and parents' financial and physical health 
  • Any Potential for violence 
  • Abuse
  • Each parent's willingness to co-parent
  • Either Parents' prior sex offenses 
  • Either Parents' military service, including any military family-care plan that a parent must complete before deployment.

he Courts are instructed by law to ignore any conduct of a custodian or someone asking to be a custodian if it does not affect that person's relationship to the Child.