What Happens When my Child's Other Parent is Late on Child Support?

What do I do when the parent is late on child support?  Find out your rights as a parent in Illinois.  Contact an attorney.

Frequently Asked:  

How do Child Support Payments and Visitation Affect Each Other?

Visitation and child support are separate issues. Visitation orders cannot be based on child support. 

If your child's other parent is not paying you the child support you are entitled to receive, our attorneys can help you recover that payment.  However, this does not mean that, without a Court's approval, you can choose to withhold visitation of your child from the other parent.

Similarly, if your child's other parent is refusing to allow you to visit and spend time with your children, our attorneys can help you get back to seeing your kids.  Please do be warned that judges are concerned about children being supported by their parents. So, the judge may ask why you are behind on your payments.  Your answer will not affect the ruling.