Child Custody and Child Support

Our Child Custody and Child Support Practice in Illinois

Child Support and Child Custody Legal Services

In every custodial dispute, the attorney has the responsibility of protecting the relationship of the parent with his or her child.  We currently handle comprehensive joint parenting plans in Illinois, from the early planning and drafting stages through the post decree enforcement.  We know the difficulty in resolving communications issues within a family, especially where children are involved.  Our representation is dedicated to creating a good routine for the families of our clients where the children can grow and prosper.  Through a personal strategy, we can assist your family with everything from custody arrangements, to visitation rights, to vacation planning, to moves, to schooling decisions and everything in between.

The attorneys here know the difficulty for any parent to allow an attorney, the Court, or even another family member to say a word about how to raise and care for the child.  

It is our mission and goal in these cases to protect the cherished relationship between parent and child in a way that creates the opportunities for your children to mature into the fine adults we wish them to be.