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When a family reaches the irreconcilable point where the husband and wife know they will be better off separate than together, a personalized legal strategy and a zealous advocate will help you move your family forward. We can efficiently get the clean break from your former spouse that considers all of the efforts that you have put into the relationship.

Classically, marriage is an investment. Every spouse wishes to see both a financial and emotional return on the relationship.  Our attorneys can provide the service of representation as you seek to move on from the conflict and into the next prosperous period of your life.

Beginning January 1, 2016, the Illinois Dissolution of Marriage Act changes in these key ways:

  • All fault based divorce is eliminated.
  • All separation period requirements are eliminated.
  • Final decrees must now be entered within 60 days of the closing of proofs.
  • Child support and maintenance are now heard on a summary basis rather than a mandatory evidentiary hearing.
  • Parenting Agreements must be submitted to the court within 120 days of filing.
  • Student loan payments are now considered a deduction from net income for purposes of child support and maintenance.
  • Educational breakpoints have been established for maintenance requirements.
  • All distinctions between joint, sole, legal, residential or visitation custody are eliminated.  The new laws focus on parental responsibilities and parenting time.
  • Child custody agreements have become easier to modify.
  • Relocation out of state has become easier.
  • Relocation in-state has become easier.

The common sense changes to the law from this year make 2016 an excellent time to revisit an existing dissolution decree in order to eliminate the areas of contention that you may have with your former spouse.  Similarly, for any partner considering divorce, the process has been made much less painful by the faster timelines, modernized courtroom procedures and the ease with which a more accurate picture of finances can be presented.  We can help walk you through the process.