When Will My Divorce be Final

When Will the Divorce be Final in Illinois in 2016

When Will My Divorce be Final?

The only requirement for timelines on divorce proceedings is that the final divorce decree is entered within sixty days after the closing of hearings on the proofs.  This means that if everybody has shown the judge everything that the judge wants to see, the result will be known within sixty days.

Otherwise, the time-line of the final divorce decree is somewhat unpredictable.  This is a process driven by the spouses as they attempt to reconcile their differences and come to a fair dissolution of their marriage. The process is affected by your schedules, the Court's schedule and the schedule of your attorneys. 

This is subject to the new rules from 2016.  If you've filed for Divorce in 2016, then know that everything is on a more streamlined time table than in past years and that the work is done quicker, with less billing than before.