Foreclosure Explained

Learn what tools we have to help fight foreclosure.  All content reviewed by an Illinois attorney.

Foreclosure Resources

Our law firm has produced and gathered some resources to answer frequently asked questions by homeowners facing foreclosure.


The Foreclosure Process in Illinois

We created this presentation as a way to help explain the foreclosure process in Illinois to my clients and to individuals looking for assistance on what to do in foreclosure litigation. I put this presentation together to help people just like you. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about this presentation and any information contained within it.  Contact us for your free one-hour consultation.



Illinois Legal Aid Playlist 

Illinois Legal Aid produced this set of videos to help homeowners in foreclosure understand the process and its challenges in a way that is simple and easy to understand.  This playlist contains good information on defending your home from foreclosure and avoiding scams such as foreclosure audits or companies that charge a fee to perform loan modifications. Abdilla & Associates believes these videos are required watching for homeowners exploring their opportunities in the courts.  We would be happy to answer questions during a free one-hour consultation at our office or over the phone.