Mortgage Foreclosure

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Mortgage Foreclosure

Since we began our practice, mortgage foreclosure has been a key area of our legal representation.  Having helped hundreds of clients in mediation, the Circuit Courts and the Appellate Courts of Illinois, we are absolutely capable of helping your family navigate these stresses. That’s why we want to be there for you, to make everything easy.

We offer our clients several services in connection with the defense of a mortgage foreclosure suit.  Please note that not all services may apply for all clients.

Pre-trial mediation programs

In Cook, Will, Lake and Kane Counties, something we would usually recommend is free mediation. By showing up, talking to the bank and talking with the Court, we can help you get out of this foreclosure quickly and with minimal stress. We know how to work with the bank to get you a good deal and either get back to paying, or move on to your next home. Our team will get working as soon as possible to make your transition as easy as it can be.

Trial litigation

Often, our clients come to us when things have gotten to the point where court room experience becomes necessary. Don’t worry, we built our brand in the court room. We won’t shy away from appearing in court and handling your case so you won’t have to. If you need more time, if you need to see the financial records, if you need everybody to just give a little bit and be reasonable… we’re confident we can get you the best results you will need.

Appellate litigation

On a case by case basis, mortgage foreclosure is one of the most rapidly evolving and changing areas of the law in Illinois.  Since the beginning of the housing crisis, every few months the Appellate Courts have reshaped and redefined the process of trial litigation for hundreds of homeowners in Illinois.  We have litigated and prevailed at the Appellate Court level in Illinois.  If you feel that an error was made on your case at the local level, we can help you determine if you have a good appeal and argue the law to the reviewing court on your behalf.

What to Do Next?

To learn more about your options in foreclosure, contact us about your foreclosure, simply click here to view our foreclosure resources.