Mortgage Foreclosure

Since we began our practice, mortgage foreclosure has been a key area of our legal representation.  Having helped hundreds of clients in mediation, the Circuit Courts and the Appellate Courts of Illinois, we are absolutely capable of helping your family persevere through these trying times.

We offer our clients several services in connection with the defense of a mortgage foreclosure suit.  Please note that not all services may apply for all clients.

Pre-trial mediation programs

In Cook, Will, Lake and Kane Counties, free mediation is provided by Court-sponsored programs.  For our clients, we will represent their interests at the mediation session and attempt to resolve the foreclosure dispute before a judgment of foreclosure and sale can be entered.  In this program, we help and guide you through the process of working with the bank to pursue a loan modification, short sale or consent foreclosure.  If none of these can be achieved, we are typically willing to continue representation at trial.

Trial litigation

Illinois is a judicial foreclosure state.  Every homeowner in Illinois has the right to a foreclosure trial in the county where the home resides.  We diligently represent our clients in an adversarial proceeding against the Bank to help you preserve your rights and achieve your goals.

Appellate litigation

Mortgage foreclosure is one of the most rapidly evolving and changing areas of the law in Illinois.  Since the beginning of the housing crisis, every few months the Appellate Courts have reshaped and redefined the process of trial litigation for hundreds of homeowners in Illinois.  We have litigated and prevailed at the Appellate Court level in Illinois.  If you feel that an error was made on your case at the local level, we can help you determine if you have a meritorious appeal and argue the law to the reviewing court on your behalf.

Next Steps For Defending your case

To learn more about your options in foreclosure, view our web presentation or to contact us about your foreclosure, simply click here to view our foreclosure resources.