When Is It Ok to Begin a New Relationship

Beginning a post-divorce relationship in Illinois in 2016.  Dating someone new after divorce in Illinois.

When is it OK to Begin a New Relationship?

There is no separation period after divorce in Illinois.  Once you are divorced, you are free to date or remarry with whomever you choose.

With this said, there is a strategic difficulty presented by dating during divorce proceedings, and an even larger difficulty presented by cohabitation during the proceedings.  If you are currently in a relationship with another person while divorcing, this is absolutely something you need to make your attorney aware of.  You should also consider the effect this will have in prolonging the divorce because one spouse may not wish to settle.

The effects of this are mitigated somewhat in 2016 because of the new rules for closing of proofs and the new formulas for maintenance.  We still would caution divorcing parties to avoid cohabitation during proceedings, but there are now fewer situations where it is legally relevant that a party is cohabitation with another while married.